Providing assistance to low-income residents of Prince George, BC, by collecting donations of living essentials and delivering them to those in need.


We Can Help

If you live in the Prince George area and are in need of household essentials or warm winter clothing, please reach out to us on Facebook or contact Ivy directly.

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Our Mission

Simply put: to help low income families get what they need to live more comfortable lives.

In the current economy, many are doing without the comforts and necessities many of us take for granted. All donations that are picked up are given out free of charge. No money ever changes hands. To date, over 200 families have been helped directly, many drop in centres and homeless shelters, and more than 350 families have donated their new or used items (clothing, shoes, boots, toys, furniture and other household items) to this cause. The city of Prince George really cares, just as Ivy does. Well done Prince George!

About Us

About Ivy

Our service is unique in the way that it is targeted; items are picked up, sorted out and distributed with care. Those with unwanted items can easily donate them, and those in need can receive the specific items they need. Many of the lowest-income earners have no way to transport donated items, and Ivy fills this gap beautifully. [READ MORE]

Ivy Kanis is a mother and grandmother who has made her home in Prince George. She has a lot of experience with life’s difficulties. From abuse to depression, single parenthood and more; she has lived experience and has a deep personal understanding of these issues – and it’s where her heart lies. [READ MORE]


The best way to reach us is through our Facebook page.

Phone: (250) 962-5390 

Text: (250) 640-1437